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We stock a range of performance cruising ropes from Maffioli, Marlow and Liros. All of these lines have a Dyneema SK75 core with a woven polyester jacket. Our years of experience have lead us to stock the best performing ropes for each application.

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Featured Product -: Marlowbraid

One of our most popular cruising ropes is the 100% polyester Marlowbraid. These rop
es have a polyester 3 strand low stretch core with a hard wearing woven jacket. They are commonly referred to as braid on braid and can be used as sheets, guys, halyards and control lines.

  • 3-strand core for less stretch than braid-on-braid
  • Hardwearing and durable polyester jacket
  • Good for splicing
  • Suitable for most running rigging systems
  • Variety of colours