Selden Furlex

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Selden’s Furlex product range provides the very best in furling design and technology. Produced using a combination of aluminium, composite and stainless steel, the Selden Furlex nots only works efficiently but looks great too.


4th Generation Selden Furlex

Sizes: 104S | 204S | 304S | 404S

Selden’s latest Furlex models referred to as the “4th Generation” offer the best job furling and reefing systems yet. Here are just some of the main features of the Selden 4th Generation Furlers:

FeaturesSelden Furlex

  • Stainless ball bearings
  • Patented load distributor for durability and low furling resistance
  • Stainless steel sail feeder
  • Smaller tack ring and shackle to reduce furling resistance
  • 8%¬†lighter than previous models
  • Twin-groove luff extrusion and split drum for racing mode
  • Forestay wire insulated and centralised to reduce chafing and resistance
  • Furlex Aero Groove System to reduce drag
  • Aluminium luff joining sleeve to reduce chafing


To find out more about Selden Furlex products, give our friendly rigging team a call on 02380 456482 or email 



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