Is your rigging safe?

October 22nd, 2012 Posted in Company News

If we ever needed a reminder that regular rig inspections are vital to keep yacht, rig & crew safe here it is:

Cracked Rod Head - Crack cuts halfway through the rod
Cracked Rod Head – Crack cuts halfway through the rod

A cracked rod head on a boat that was about to set off on a Transatlantic race – the ‘What if ?’ would most certainly have been a dis-masting mid Atlantic.

Luckily (?!?) for the owner the boat was involved in a collision, the mast had to be un-stepped so the boat could go into a shed for hull repairs – as with all masts we un-step – we recommended a mast inspection be carried out whilst the mast was easily accessible.

Unlike traditional wire rigging where faults are often visible to the naked eye, rod rigging requires non destructive testing (NDT) to uncover faults in the rod.  In this case a penetrative dye was sprayed over the rods to highlight any faults or cracks to the naked eye.

This rod rigging was 5 years old, but had never been inspected – highlighting the importance of regular routine mast inspections to keep your yacht & crew safe. When was your rigging last inspected?

Our standard rig inspection charge for a wire rigged mast is £140 ex VAT and can be carried out with the mast stepped & the boat in the water, although a un-stepped mast is more ideal and its inspection more thorough.

Detailed inspection of rod rigging is more involved, and unfortunately, therefore more expensive. Before the rigging can be NDT tested it has to be dismantled from the mast so all components are fully accessible, cleaned thoroughly and then polished before under going the NDT process, when either a dye or florescent water is applied to the rod to highlight any cracks. Call us today for a quote: 023 8045 6482

Seasonal discounts available – get your yacht ready for next season in good time & miss the spring rush.

Cracked rod head - front view
Cracked rod head – front view