No More Furling Twists

July 15th, 2016 Posted in Industry News, New Products

Introducing The New Reflex Furler from Harken

New from Harken, the Reflex Furler is designed to making furling much easier and quicker. With a unique torsion cable helping you to wind the sail evenly from top to bottom you can now use your downwind sails with more confidence.

This is another example of great product innovation from the Harken team. Sail furling can be notoriously frustrating but this efficient new system will make sailing handling and sail changes so much easier for cruising sailboats and short handed racing.

Harken Reflex Furler - Performance Rigging - Hamble

Quick Attach and Release T-fitting

A unique quick release t-fitted drive unit allows the furler to be used with a variety of sails. Each sail is fitted with its own torsion cable and separate head and tack swivels which slide and lock into the t-fitting with ease and can be swiftly disconnected from the drive unit by releasing the spring loaded pin.

Powerful Drive Unit 

With a sizeable diameter, the drive unit provides powerful furling capacity and the use of Torlon ball bearings allows it to spin freely. Furthermore, the offset holes grip the furling line securely while the stripper and feeder work together to prevent any line jamming.

Twist Resistant Torsion Cables

The unique torsion cable is made up of a braided polyester core with a braided stainless steel cover and protective santoprene jacket to provide a stiff drive shaft. This stiffness allows the sail to be furled evenly from top to bottom with minimal effort and Harken’s tests suggest that this revolutionary cable transfers two times the torque of any other that they have tested.

Super Light Head Swivel

The head swivel fitting of the Harken Reflex is the lightest that they have ever made. A thimble terminal is used instead of eye and pin connectors to save weight and its reduced size allows for a longer luff length.


  1. Unit 1 is rated for 1.5T MWL for boats to 11 m (36′);
  2. Unit 2 is rated for 2.5T MWL for boats up to 14 m (45′).

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