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In collaboration with John Mast and the Cork 1720 Class Association we produce and sell the only non Proctor mast sections for the Cork 1720.

The original class specification mast was built from a section no longer produced by Proctor / Selden Masts, so an alternative had to be found to secure the future of the 1720 Class.

The new section is manufactured by John Mast, and fitted out to specifications from detailed measurements and drawings that Performance Rigging created from an original Cork 1720 mast.

The first Performance Rigging John Mast Cork 1720 Rig underwent testing in the home of the 1720 class, Cork, Ireland, and has proven to be an ideal match in terms of feel and performance, keeping true to the nature of the one design class.

Cork 1720 Mast pricing

Masts are shipped undressed and require basic assembly before being stepped.

Shipping a single mast from John Mast to the UK costs in the region of £1000 pounds but shipping costs will be reduced where possible by working with the class association and purchasing masts in batches.

Carriage will be added at cost. VAT will be charged at the current UK rate where applicable. Prices subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

1720 Mast Pricing

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