Custom Standing Rigging

Performance Rigging specialises in supplying all forms of standing rigging, from traditional wire, dyform and rod rigging to lighter, weight saving composite rigging. Whether you need a full overhaul and replacement of the entire standing rigging package or just need some replacement parts, we can help.

Top Quality Materials

We pride ourselves in providing high quality standing rigging. We have a long standing wire supplier who we have been using for over 25 years and trust that they will deliver a great product for your yacht. We also use superior rig screws and terminals and always make sure the fittings match your mast for a great fit.

KOS Wire

We only use KOS wire on all of our standing rigging. KOS has an excellent reputation worldwide for making high quality stainless steel wire and their products are far superior to other cables available on the market. By using the finest raw materials available, modern and technologically advanced equipment and highly skilled technicians, the wire from KOS is strong, durable and meets strict quality standards.

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Durable Fittings

All of our standing rigging is finished using high quality fittings that are compatible to your mast. Combining sub standard fittings with brand new standing rigging may save you money initially, but the chances are they will wear more quickly and may even cause premature rig failure. We believe that by using the best swage terminals, screws and turnbuckles from the beginning, your new standing rigging will work better, last longer and, ultimately, be a much safer set up than more budget options.

Standing Rigging Fittings Performance Rigging

Original Specification Standing Rigging

Over the years, we have collated an extensive database of standing rigging specifications for a large number of yachts including models from Hanse, Arcona, Dehler, Hallberg Rassy and Moody. We undertake new rig commissioning for these brands, so in many cases, we will have fitted the original rigging and have the know-how to make sure a new set of standing rigging is installed as per the original designs. Our records contain hundreds of specifications, if you have an older Northshore, Trident Marine, Sadler, Contessa or Westerly yacht, chances are one of our team rigged it originally!

Swage Standing Rigging Performance Rigging

Wire Rigging


1×19 Wire is the most commonly used in standing rigging as it is very stiff. We only use the best quality stainless steel and never use cheap foreign imports. We keep a comprehensive stock of all sizes from 3.0mm to 16mm and can fit any type of end to supply you with completed rigging.


7×19 Wire offers greater flexibility than 1×19 wire and can be used for halyards, steering cables or standing rigging. It can be terminated by swage, swageless, Talurit soft eye, or by splicing to rope.

1x7 dyform wire

1×7 Dyform wire offers a lower stretch than 1×19 for the more performance orientated. Still made from high quality stainless steel, compact strand wire has its strands drawn through a shaped die, so once wound together, the strands are integrated, giving it a greater density and less stretch.

Rod Rigging

Rod Rigging in Nitronic 50 has become widely accepted both by racing boats and cruising boats alike. Rod rigging offers high strength, low windage and low stretch as well as long life due to unmatched corrosion resistance.

Composite Rigging

As more masts, booms and hulls are made using composite materials, rigging materials have followed suit. Technology has proven the advantages of reducing weight aloft, every kilo taken out of the rig is equivalent to 2 kilos on the rail. Twice the strength of rod rigging and five times the strength of wire. With composite rigging your yacht will feel stiffer and more responsive & will offer better performance in all conditions.

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