Rig Steps and Unsteps

From small keel boats to superyacht masts we have the experience and knowledge to tailor our Mast Step and Unstep service to suit your requirements.

Our full mast step service can prepare the yacht ready for sailing with installation of the boom, electrics, and sails if required. Alternatively we can provide a basic step and make the mast safe, service leaving you to undertake the preparation beforehand and the full set up afterwards.


Mast Step Services Performance Rigging

Banksman Trained

All of our rigging technicians are Banksman trained and certified. This is a vital safety requirement when stepping and unstepping rigs and ensures that our team are qualified to communicate with the crane driver and position strops & slings correctly to ensure your rig is handled with care.

Quick and Efficient

We carry out rig steps and un-steps nearly every day. As such, we are highly experienced and skilled in this area. Lots of practise has meant our team has become ultra efficient at making rig movements swift and hassle free, whilst also adhering to high safety standards and ensuring your rig is secure throughout the process.

Mast Stepping Service Performance Rigging

New Rig Commissioning

We are trusted by some of the best new boat sailing brands to carry out OEM rig steps on their newly launched yachts including Hanse, Arcona, Dehler, Hallberg Rassy and Moody.

If you have a new boat from one of these manufacturers, we have the specialist knowledge to assist you with any future servicing, modifications or repairs that may be required.

New Mast Dressing

For new masts we can provide a full dressing service, which includes the following:

Unpacking & checking for transport damage
Check inventory for missing parts
Check all mast fittings are correctly installed
Check all halyards are lead correctly
Install and test navigation lights
Fit masthead electronic units
Check all clevis pins and shackles are secure

Book a Mast Step/Unstep

We will tailor our service to meet your requirements and budget  – contact us for an estimate.