Rig Inspection Services

Rig inspections are vital for maintaining the overall safety and performance of your vessel. Your mast and rigging should be checked regularly by an experienced, skilled rigging technician and many marine insurance companies now insist on periodic rig inspections. Even if your boat hasn’t been sailing, the rig is constantly under stress from the elements, and so is subject to wear and tear that should be monitored closely to prevent rig failure when under load.


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Wire Rigging Inspection

Comprehensive Inspection

Our detailed rig inspection service includes inspection of the standing rigging, mast and boom, furling gear and if required, running rigging. During a rig check we inspect every element of the rig for anything that looks out of place or is showing signs of wear or misalignment.

Deck Checks

With keel stepped masts we pay particular attention to the mast wall around the deck ring, looking for signs of damage, ensuring the chocking is secure & correct. We check the heel and step for signs of stress and cracking so do need access below decks if your mast is keel stepped.

Detailed Report

Once the inspection is completed, a report will be produced with pictures and any observations or recommendations. It is wise to keep a copy of this report somewhere safe so that you have a record of the state of the rigging at that moment in time.

Rod Rigging NDT

If you have rod rigging on your yacht, we can carry out NDT rig inspections. With rod rigging, a visual inspection is not enough to ensure that your rig is safe so we use nondestructive Testing (NDT), dye penetrant testing.

To undertake the NDT test, we have to unstep, strip & clean the rods in preparation.

Our NDT partners use state-of-the-art technology and produce a comprehensive report with the findings.

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Rig Repairs

If, as a result of the inspection, your rigging requires some attention or potential repairs, we have a wide range of experience providing rig repairs and improvements. Some rigging companies can be quick to write off rigs with issues, but, where possible, we will work with you and your budget to try and rectify the problems without having to condemn the mast or rigging.

Insurance Claims

In the event of accidental rig damage or failure, we also have experience of working with insurance companies for rig damage claims.

Owners, brokers and insurance companies trust our expertise to deliver high quality and cost effective repairs.

Pre Purchase Inspections

If you are thinking of purchasing a second hand vessel you should consider a pre purchase rig inspection as this may influence your purchase decision or potential offer, and may avoid rig problems in the future.

A full inspection report will be provided and our experienced riggers will be available to discuss and advise you on your planned purchase.


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