Broken Halyard Sheave Performance Rigging 1

Sheave Replacements

If your halyards aren’t running freely, your sheaves may be damaged. As well as inspecting the deck sheaves, we can scale the mast and check the masthead ones too.

We often come across sheaves that have failed, distorted, or simply seized from wear and tear. We can supply stock part replacements or upgrade to custom made harder wearing material.


If you have damage on your mast, for example around forestay, shroud attachments, vang and gooseneck brackets, around spreader bars, we can supply and fit custom made reinforcement to those areas. We make our own doublers which have evolved over the last 25 years, to provide a long term repair. They are custom made, anodized aluminum plates, manufactured from appropriate thickness material, cut & hand fitted to match the profile being repaired.

When fitting our spreader doublers, the integral spreader bars are also modified to fit the increased dimensions of the mast wall.

Doublers can be fitted as a preventative upgrade to high stress areas to avoid possible future costly repairs or replacement.

Nice Doublers

Furling Gear Solutions

We supply and fit replacement swivels, drums, and damaged / broken foils on all makes of furling gears.  Call us if you are experiencing difficulties furling or unfurling your main or genoa.

Reefing Improvements

Are you finding reefing difficult? Do you have single line reefing? We often have customers whose reefing cars are not running freely and causing lots of friction when reefing.

We can inspect and service the cars to ensure they are working smoothly to make reefing quick and hassle free. We can also upgrade some boom’s to single line reefing, or quote for a new boom to suit.

Mast Electronic Upgrades

Many customers take the opportunity to upgrade lights to power saving LEDs or modernise their instrument, radar, AIS or communication aerials while their mast is with us.

We work with the local electronic suppliers and installers to provide comprehensive advice and installation of any upgrades required.