Rig tuning can be extremely effective in enhancing performance and customers often report increases of up to a knot in boat speed after being tuned.

During a rig tuning session we will firstly look at mast alignment to make sure the mast is straight and not tipping to one side or the other. This will ensure that the mast performs in the same manner on both tacks.

Next, we will look at rake, the lean of the mast forward and aft, to ensure you have a balanced feel on the helm. Lastly, we will make sure the mast pre-bend is optimised to suit the shape of your mainsail.

Rig Tuning Performance Rigging

Dock Rig Tune

Our dock rig tuning service is performed whilst your yacht is moored alongside a sturdy pontoon.

We will make sure that all the fundamental elements are correct and check that your mast is not only set up safely, but properly tuned to give you the best sailing performance in a range of conditions.

Sail Rig Tune

Our sail tune service is available outside our peak spring season. We will first carry out some dock tuning before heading out for a test sail to check that the mast and sails are working well together. This allows us to fine tune your rig to help achieve the best sail shape and optimise boat speed. Once the rig is set up correctly there are certain adjustments which can be made to the rig depending on wind conditions and sail plan. Our experienced rigger will guide you through some of the settings so that you can make adjustments yourself whilst out on the water.

Book a Rig Tune

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