Winch Servicing

Performance Rigging offers winch servicing to keep your winches well maintained, extending their life and minimizing risk of failure. Our service includes a complete strip down, clean, inspection for signs of damage, wear or corrosion, rebuild with new pawl springs and lubrication and any other parts required.

We recommend that you service your winches at least once during the sailing season. It is also advisable to service them immediately if ratcheting seems sluggish or sticky, the winch doesn’t turn freely or can be turned in both directions; ignoring these issues can cause long term damage to your winches.

Lewmar Winch Performance Rigging


Winch Servicing Before Performance Rigging


Winch Servicing After Performance Rigging

Clutch Servicing

Clutch servicing is often overlooked, but regular maintenance will help your clutches work better, last longer and prevent damage to your halyards.

If you have problems with halyards slipping or lines not running freely, your cams may need cleaning or replacing.

Clutch Servicing Performance Rigging

Book a Winch or Clutch service

To book a winch or clutches service please contact us.