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Performance Rigging in Yachting World

April 14th, 2011 Posted in Company News, Industry News

Matthew Sheahan from Yachting World interviews Gordon on his rules on how to keep safe while going aloft.

Gordons Golden Rules:

  • Always secure yourself  to the harness or bosuns chair with a bowline, never trust a snapshackle.
  • Always use an internal halyard. Avoid using a 2:1 halyard, if you have to, only use the 1:1 part of the halyard
  • Always make a thorough check of the equipment you are about to use – check the halyard for wear, check the winch, clutch and the lead of the halyard
  • Decide how you are going to communicate & what hand signals you will use
  • Climb the standing rigging not the mast
  • Never use a self tailer on an electric winch
  • Always tie the halyard off with a man up the rig, never rely on the self tailer or clutch
  • When lowering always pay out the rope  hand over hand without too many turns on the winch
  • Keep an eye on the winch as well as the person aloft

To read the full article see the May 2011 edition of Yachting World.