Standing Rigging

Performance Rigging specialize in all forms of standing rigging, from traditional wire, dyform and rod rigging to the lighter and weight saving composite rigging.

Wire Rigging

1×19 Wire is the most commonly used in standing rigging as it is very stiff. We only use the best quality stainless steel, beware of cheap foreign imports! We keep a comprehensive stock of  all sizes from 3.0mm to 16mm and can fit any type of  end to supply you with completed rigging.

7×19 Wire offers greater flexibility than 1×19 wire and can be used for halyards, steering cables or standing rigging. It can be terminated by swage, swageless, Talurit soft eye, or by splicing to rope.

1×7 Dyform wire offers a lower stretch than 1×19 for the more performance orientated. Still made from high quality stainless steel, compact strand wire has its strands drawn through a shaped die, so once wound together, the strands are integrated, giving it a greater density and less stretch.

1×19 Wire

7 x 19 Wire

1×7 Dyform wire





Rod Rigging

Rod Rigging in Nitronic 50 has become widely accepted both by racing boats and cruising boats alike. Rod rigging offers high strength, low windage and low stretch as well as long life due to unmatched corrosion resistance.

Composite Rigging

As more masts, booms and hulls are made using composite materials, rigging materials have followed suit. Technology has proven the advantages of reducing weight aloft, every kilo taken out of the rig is equivalent to 2 kilos on the rail. Twice the strength of rod rigging and five times the strength of wire. With composite rigging your yacht will feel stiffer and more responsive & will offer better performance in all conditions.