Rope Shop


We stock over 100 reels of rope at our office and workshop at Hamble Point Marina. As an independent and impartial supplier we provide one of the largest varieties of rope brands on the River Hamble, allowing our expert rigger team to provide you with the most suitable rope for your boat, application and budget.

Rope technology is continually evolving and there is a wide variety of different styles and materials to choose from. The latest high tech ropes are made by weaving different mixtures of fibres together, both in the core rope and the jacket, to produce a rope with optimum performance for different applications.

Our expert riggers in Hamble are on hand to help you find the best running rigging for your sailing whether its for cruising, high performance yacht racing or for a classic vessel

Maffioli Grand Prix

Maffioli Rope - Performance Rigging - HambleMaffioli offers high quality running rigging ideal for high performance racing boats. With an interchangeable core and jacket system, lines can be customised to fit a variety of deck gear and rigging systems.

Kingfisher Ropes

Kingfisher Ropes offer a range of high quality and versatile Kingfisher Ropes - Performance Rigging - Hamblecruising ropes as well as good value racing Dyneema and Vectran suitable for sheets and a low stretch Racing Braid which is perfect for halyards.

Liros Ropes

Liros Ropes offer a large variety of lines for both cruising and Liros logoracing yachts. With everything from 2mm to 28mm lines and ropes suitable for sheets, halyards, control lines and mooring lines, Liros Ropes are sure to have something suitable for your yacht.

Marlow Ropes

Marlow Marlow’s UK made high quality racing and cruising yacht halyards, sheets, control and reefing lines are an extremely popular choice amongst solent sailors.