We supply top quality rope brands at great prices. Make sure you ask us for a quote when shopping around. We can often match prices on like for like products.

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Liros Braid on Braid

The Liros Braid on Braid range is perfect for cruising yachts. This rope offers great strength with low stretch and is suitable for sheets, halyards and control lines. This rope is available in diameters of 6-20mm and a variety of colours. Liros is renowned for its high tech factory in Germany which ensures a consistently good product at a great price.

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Kingfisher Cruising Dyneema

Kingfisher’s Cruising Dyneema rope ranges delivers an amazing combination of lightness, durability, grip, strength and extremely low stretch. These lines are perfect for the needs of cruising yachts. This rope line is available in a variety of colours and diameters of 6 – 14mm.

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One of our most popular cruising ropes is the 100% polyester Marlowbraid. These ropes have a polyester 3 strand low stretch core with a hard wearing woven jacket. They are commonly referred to as braid on braid and can be used as sheets, guys, halyards and control lines. This range comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Rope Finishing

Rope Hard Eye Splice Performance Rigging copy


All of our riggers are highly skilled at rope splicing. Our technique has been honed over many years of experience and we produce high quality splices that are reliable and robust.

We can also load test splices to ensure they perform as expected to meet coding requirements.

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Soft Loop Shackles

We can custom make soft loop shackles to any specific size or load requirement. Soft Loop Shackles offer a lightweight alternative to steel shackles with the same, if not more, strength, plus, they won’t damage your boat or fittings. You can use these virtually anywhere that you would usually use a conventional stainless steel shackle. For example, to attach halyards & sheets, attach blocks to deck fittings, attach your outhaul to the mainsail and much more.

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