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High Performance Racing Ropes

We offer the largest range of Maffioli Rope in Hamble. Maffioli’s Grand Prix lines are an obvious choice for high performance racing boats and their range of DSK 75, DSK 78 and DSK 90 cores can be combined with any of their eight jacket systems to produce a high performance rope specific to a particular onboard application, be it sheets, control lines or halyards. Available in a wide range of colours, they can even be customised to your boat’s colour scheme.

Maffioli Dyneema SK 90

The very latest in high-tech fibers, the super strong DSK 90 is the result of research and development on the Americas Cup race course. Specifically developed for high end, low stretch yachting ropes to minimize dynamical stretch. 25% higher modulus than Dyneema SK75, 13% Stronger than Dyneema SK75.

Maffioli Dyneema SK78

Developed for the 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Race, the single & double braid DSK78 immediately set a new standard in running rigging. Combining the typical high strength to weight ratio, excellent low stretch, abrasion and UV resistance of Dyneema fibres. Three times better creep performance compared to Dyneema SK75, these lines are ideal choice for applications where precision, control and reliability are a must.

Maffioli Dyneema SK75

SK75 ropes deliver an amazing combination of lightness, durability, tremendous strength ad extremely low stretch. A perfect solution that can fulfil the most specific needs of racers and very demanding sailors.

Maffioli DSK 90 Rope - Performance Rigging - Hamble

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