Rig Tuning

Need a Rig Tune?

Whether you are racing or cruising we can tune your rig to ensure you get the maximum performance from your sails and equipment. Customers have reported increases of up to a knot in boat speed after a tuning session.

Dock Rig Tune

Our dock tune service will make sure that the fundamentals are correct, ensuring that your mast is set not only safely, but properly tuned to give you the best sailing performance in a range of conditions.

Sail Rig Tune

Our sail tune service is available outside our peak spring season. Once the dock tuning is complete, we can accompany you for a test sail. By looking at the mast and sails together we can fine tune your rig to help achieve the best sail shape and optimise boat speed.

Once the rig is set up correctly there are certain adjustments which can be made to the rig depending on wind conditions and sail plan. As part of the service our experienced rigger will guide you through some of the adjustments you can make yourself whilst on the water.

Book a Rig Tune

Email info@performancerigging.co.uk or call 02380 456482 to book a rig tune with us.